Brett Turner

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Bisexuality & Mental Health
This study aims to measure the differences in indicators of serious mental illness and moderate psychological distress between bisexual individuals and their non-bisexual peers. Taking inventory of national estimates of disparities in mental health between mono-sexual and bisexual individuals will lend insight into the extent to which bisexual and mono-sexual sexual minorities differ in terms of their needs and vulnerabilities.
Effect of Movie Budgets and Genre on Movie Ratings
Do big budgets ensure a higher movie rating? Do dramas or comedies get better ratings? Does the effect of budget on movie rating vary between dramas & comedies?
Missing Persons Report
This multi-level analysis will investigate the rates at which children are reported missing in different states.
Drug Use & Skipping Work: Poisson Regression for Count Data
Using a Poisson Regression, we will estimate whether different kinds of drug users vary in how frequently they miss work because they "just didn't feel like going". The Zelig package will be utilized to conduct regression analysis, simulations, & to gather simulated differences between drug users & non-users frequency of selective work absence.
State Test Performance ELL students vs. Non ELL students
Using logistic regression to estimate student performance on state Math & ELA tests as above or below the state average.
Max Likelihood Estimation
Using Zelig's turnout dataset.
Star Wars Character BMI
What are the body mass Indexes of Star Wars Characters in dplyr's starwars dataset? Answering this question while practicing basic dplyr commands such as filter(), select(), rename(), mutate(), and practicing using magrittr to %>% pipe together multiple commands.