Rebecca Kitching

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NFL-Quarterbacks: Who's worth their weight in passing yards?
This analysis looks at the relationship between Quarterback Salary and Passing yard stats from the 2017 season and identifies those that outperformed and underperformed in the season. Analysis uses Linear Modelling. Figures use plot_ly and ggplot2 packages.
NFL-Teams- Location, Wins and Likes
Here we show a graphical representation of the 32 NFL teams on an interactive map. The number of Superbowl wins and number of Facebook 'Likes' for each team are also evaluated.
The relationship between Central Limit theorem and Exponential Simulations
Here we examine how R can be used to simulate and randomly sample from an existing population. We also explore how the parameters of these simulations can be predicted by Central Limit Theorem (CLT).
Vitamin C supplements and Tooth Length
Here we examine the relationship between Vitamin C supplements and tooth length in Guinea pigs with specific reference to how the delivery method and dose effects this relationship. Data came from the R 'Datasets' package.
Consequences of Severe Weather on US Population: Health and Financial Cost
Here we examine the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) storm database. Weather events causing the highest cost to health and financial (property and crops) are discussed.