Alex Albright

Recently Published

Cats vs. Dogs: Names & Ages
R notebook for exploring age and name patterns for all pets registered with Sunshine Coast Council in Australia.
Testing for Local Continuity in Racial Animus
I wanted to empirically test for local continuity in racial animus in the US... Tracked down data on klavern locations 1915-1940 & merged with data on racially charged Google searches 2004-2007. Wasn't meant for academic paper-dom, but lives happily in the blog-sphere.
Text Me Back: A Year of LDR Communication
Turns out you can perfectly identify when my LDR SO and I are in the same city by plotting our daily iMessage frequency.
Plot utility curve with ego
Make a graph to illustrate that utility is not monotonic in parameter p.
The United Nations of Words
I perform a term frequency analysis and sentiment analysis using the UN General Debate Corpus (UNGDC)
Senate Votes Visualized
I map the results of the recent Senate votes on Obamacare.
The Rise of the New Kind of Cabbie: A Comparison of Uber and Taxi Drivers
R notebook for creating visuals to compare characteristics of Uber and Taxi drivers
A rising tide lifts all podcasts
This notebook creates a plot to show how podcast releases have increased in 2017.
The One With All The Quantifiable Friendships, Part 2
Exploring scripts from the TV Show 'Friends'
Baby's First R Markdown Notebook: New Yorker Caption Contest Choropleths
R Markdown Notebook explaining how to generate choropleths from a previously published article