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Exporting data from R
Converting data into csv file using write.csv or write.table commands.
Profit/Loss from Accounting Transactions over a period
Getting a smaller Table for Profit/Loss from Accounting Transactions using R programming
Basic Sheet for Recording Accounting Transactions
This is coded in R prepared from Excel Sheet By M.S Narasimhan IIMB
The Standard Normal Curve
The Standard Normal Curve, use of pnorm, qnorm, rnorm, dnorm and lattice for showing a particular area under the curve
The rape Statistics of Indian states discussed in the Honourable Supreme Court of IndiaDocument
This is discussion on sensational headlines in popular media quoting a Supreme Court bench about the rape statistics of Indian stales.
Remove a Specific Charcter from a String in R
How to remove a specific character in R and example.
Capitalize the first letter in a word string in R.
How to capitalize the first letter in a word string in R and defining ia function capitalize_str using toupper() function from base(R).
PH525.1x Week1 RStudio Notes
My notes of edx mooc
Poll or a Cover-Up Exercise?
This is an analysis of two twitter polls conducted recently that have drawn media attention.
Enhanced Scatterplots for unicorns_on_unicycles exercise
This is succeeding part of 'solution for unicorns_on_unicycles exercise'. Here we’ll just plot some enhanced scatterplots.
solution for unicorns_on_unicycles exercise
One can find a dataset for data cleaning & data wrangling exercise at This is how I approached this. Feel free to comment.