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Research 2 project
Storms and other severe weather events can cause both public health and economic problems for communities and municipalities. Many severe events can result in fatalities, injuries, and property damage, and preventing such outcomes to the extent possible is a key concern.
Best performing trial of CNN model trained on MNIST, using Cloud ML
This is the best MNIST convolutional models, fitted using `tensorflow` with `keras`, identified by a Cloud ML search using `cloudml::cloudml_train` with flags in a yml file.
Tarea 1
Lecture on linear regression with interactions
version 2 HSE SPb Sociology and Social Informatics Olesya Volchenko and Anna Shirokanova #rstats
90 Days
Contrastes de hipĆ³tesis en R
Prueba t para una muestra, dos muestras independientes y dos muestras dependientes con t.test. Comprobar el supuesto de normalidad y el supuesto de homocedasticidad (homogeneidad de varianzas).