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Correlation Matrix of Log(x+1) Returns on French Bond Yields
In the French yield curve, instances of negative yields have produced negative results in the ln(x2/x1) calculation of log returns. As a possible solution, we've used the ln(x+1) procedure to normalize for those instances.
Project Success Criteria
Project Success Criteria
Final Project
This is the final project for the JHU Coursera Reproducible Research course.
Project Success Factors
Project Success Factors
ETS models
Linear Regression - World Happiness Report 2019
Membuat model regresi linear berdasarkan data 'World Happiness Report 2019'.
Lung Cancer Analysis
Supervisor: Dr.Yulin Hswen
Wine Quality Prediction using Logistic Regression and k-NN
Step-by-step on developing a classification model to determine wine quality with Logistic Regression and k-NN.
Desk Assignment 2019