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T3xtr: An Exploratory Analysis
The scope of the present work is to perform an initial exploratory analysis on a provided training data set in U.S. English. After addressing a set of initial questions about the nature and content of the data, an initial model for text prediction is proposed based on the findings of the provided training data sets.
Capstone Milestone 2 Report by DM
Week 2 Milestone report for Data Science Specialization Capstone
N-Gram Models, Swift-Key data
In partial fulfillment of the milestone project for the coursera data science capstone
An Analysis of Adverse Health and Economic Effects of Severe Weather
This is the course project assignment for the Coursera course "Reproducible Research"
RESET test, Heteroskedasticity test
[ECON2206, 2018 2nd Sem] Assignment2, Problem1
Top Natural Events Causing Harm to U.S. Health and Economy
An Exercise in Reproducible Research
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Time Series Example