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Interactive Map of Major US Storms: 1996 - 2011
Coursera Data Science Specialization - Developing Data Products course
Presión barométrica del 1 al 29 de mayo de 2017
Lectura y tratamiento de los registros de 29 días de la presión barométrica en la estación de clima de la UIA Torreón en mayo de 2017 Lenguaje R,
R Markdown and Leaflet
Multidimensional Array Indexing and Storage
We give R, C, and R->C code to access lineary stored multidimensional arrays and compactly stored multidimensional super-symmetric arrays.
EEG Data Analysis
An algorithm ensemble (LSTM RNN network, random forest) was applied for human movement event prediction
Dayton’s Weather - Milestone 1
The start of an interesting Shiney App - based on weather data from the past 20 years
Leaflet map (World Bank) 2
Gender quotas