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Spatial Interpolation Quiz
Spatial interpolation quiz for Utah State University's Geospatial Analysis with R course.
Unsupervised Classification Quiz
An unsupervised classification exercise using 4-band Sentinel data. Completed for Geospatial Analysis with R course at Utah State University.
Spatial Regression Quiz
For USU GeoSpatial Analysis in R.
3 maps: 1) choropleth with spplot 2) shapefiles with ggmap 3) choropleth and shapefiles with tmap
Exercise 16
In Exercise #14, I created 4 separate Data Objects of mean, sd, min, and max of male grouse by year within lek complex. Add n (number of samples) per year and complex combination as well. Merge these into single data object, and export as a .csv file.
Exercise 17
Write a loop that: • feeds multiple statistical functions (i.e., mean, sd, length) to; • multiple variables (elev, slope, aspect); • by presab (see Exercise #15) in the data bearclawpoppy.csv; and • exports these as 3 R objects in your workspace • Write a loop to read in the 4 m1.csv,…,m4.csv datasets Challenges: • How to change the m*.csv, i.e., filename) in each loop? • How to ensure each new object is assigned a unique name (e.g., m1,…,m4)?
Exercise 18
Write a function – say AnnualLekSummary – that: Imports the lek data (assume it has been "cleaned"); Selects from the data a specified year for which statistics are desired; Calculates mean, 2SD, n, and 90%CI for the specified year within lek complex Writes the yearly-based output as a separate *.csv file
Exercise 15
BaseR - Exercise 9
Homework exercise for USU BaseR course
BaseR - Exercise 10
Homework exercise for USU baseR course
Exercise 11
Homework exercise for USU baseR course
BaseR - Exercise 12
Homework exercise for USU baseR course