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My Demo Dashboard
Studying the patterns of loan applications from a German bank to uncover any hidden structure within our data.
Explainer: Text Complete
R Presentation: Introducing simple traffic visualization tool
A pitch for the traffic visualization tool built with Shiny
Simulation Exercise and CLT
In this project we will investigate the exponential distribution in R and compare it with the Central Limit Theorem.
The economic and population effect of storm events (1950 - 2011)
The following report studies the economic and population effect of storm events from November 1950 to 2011. It presents its conclusion on Tornado being the storm event that has the greatest impact on population health, being responsible for 5,633 deaths throughout the observational period. It also observe that catastrophic-but-rare events such as tornadoes, thunderstorm wind and hurricane does great damages to property and crops on a per-event basis, but overall have lesser economic consequences than frequent weather events such as flood, which alone has caused an astounding 150.32 billion USD in economic losses between 1950 to 2011.