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A presentation to pitch my Shiny App to predict the Eye color.
My Presentation with a Plotly plot
This is a web page presentation using R Markdown that features a plot created with Plotly
Peer-graded Assignment: R Markdown and Leaflet By Sergio Rosales
map created with Leaflet showing my home location
Part 2: Basic Inferential Data Analysis by Sergio Rosales
Statistical Inferece Coursera class
Part 1: Simulation Exercise by Sergio Rosales
Statistical Inference class in Coursera
In this report we seek for the types of weather events that were most harmful to the population health as well as for the types of weather events that yielded the greatest economic consequences in the United States between the year 1950 and Nov./2011.Additionally, it is explore the frequency of events along the year to figure out in what month of the year the weather has the higher potential to cause adverse impacts.