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Capstone Course - Final Project
Slide deck presenting Word Oracle App hosted at
Capstone Course - Week 2 Assignment
Peer-graded Assignment: Milestone Report n this report I explain my exploratory analysis and my goals for the final app and algorithm. This document briefly summarizes plans for creating the prediction algorithm and Shiny app.
Galton Box App Presentation
This is the presentation of Galton Box App created for final assignment of Developing data products course.
Week 3 course assignment - Developing Data Products
Plotly scatter plot of Orange datase
Week 3 course assignment - Developing Data Products
RMarkdown/Slidy presentation integrated with plotly
Week 2 course assignment - Developing Data Products
Example of use of leaflet R package
Coursera Reproducible Research - Project assignment 2
In this analysis, it is analyzed the database of NOAA (U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s) for years from 1950 to november 2011, to check what are the events with greater impact on the economy and public health.