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La Madera por Guillermo Villalba
Replicating economist plot
Remaking plot from The Economist article using ggplot2 package
Time Series Forecasting, a Summarize of Data visualization and prediction
Tedding's first attempt to do some contribution to the community.
Coursera assignment
Mpg depending on weight and horsepower
A toy perceptron
We illustrate the basic perceptron algorithm to classify Iris flowers into 'Setosa' and 'not Setosa'. The problem and the features are chosen so that a linear classification boundary is possible. The purpose of the exercise is only to show how a perceptron works.
GE2019 Constituency Polling Accuracy
This R code creates graphs showing the errors (net by party and three party absolute) of each constituency poll over time, in the 2019 UK General Election.
BGWT Lake Guardâ„¢ View Imagery Viewer
Roodeplaat Dam 2020-02-16
Titanic Logistic Regression LBB
An attempt at a Kaggle competition. This logistic regression model is trying to classify the survivability of a passenger of Titanic.