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Grade Distribution
Grade Distribution
Windows Store App data
Analysing the windows store app data (dataset source: kaggle). I Just tried in my own way. Note: Nothing is useful for business purpose. It's entirely done for learning purpose.
Grade Distribution
Grade Distribution
Storm Damage Analysis
Finding out which of the weather events have been most damaging to lives and property
My Study Destination
Practice 4
example R1
Exploring the NOAA Storm Database
Storms and other severe weather events can cause both public health and economic problems for communities and municipalities. Many severe events can result in fatalities, injuries, and property damage, and preventing such outcomes to the extent possible is a key concern. This project involves exploring the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) storm database. This database tracks characteristics of major storms and weather events in the United States, including when and where they occur, as well as estimates of any fatalities, injuries, and property damage.
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