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Adaptive Method
Thermal Comfort Elevated Airspeed PMV Model for Frogs
A sample data analysis for Frogs to assess the usage of PMV Models.
Forest City Study
Hawaii Ethics Linkage Introduction
A step-by-step R Notebook showing how to perform linkage between Hawaii Campaign Contributions Commission tables and the Ethics State Department.
Motif Time Series Prototype
Motif Time Series Prototype
Conway Sanity Check
OSSJ - Folhas de Pagamento
Visões do Orcamento de São José SC
Visões da Execução Orçamentária de São José - SC, solicitadas pelo Observatório Social de São José - SC (
Calendar Plots
Ref for Google: Open Air: See also:
P. Rev. Varying w's
Discretization 100 iters
Discretization Error and Different Sites Forecast Error
Error associated to discretization of solar irradiance and model error forecasting for different sites across the island
WhatsApp Analytics
Just a little pass time to showcase some simple analytics using WhatsApp Group Chat.
Feature Probability Model
SCBH1 Variable Order Markov
C0875 Naive Bayes
C0875 Variable Order Markov
Day Naive Bayes
Transition Analysis
Analysis of Effect Between Sanitation and Malnutrition in Ethiopia (2011) Report [Ink CSS Version]
Alternative Version of the original report using Ink CSS
Test CSS
Trying to improve report template
Sanitation Practices and their Effects on Malnutrition in Children in Teenagers Plots
Provides the code for plots on the systematic literature review of class project.
Data Cleasing and Exploring a Dataset
This is a short example of exploratory data analysis for data cleasing purpose in R.
Supervised Text Classification
A simplified use of Supervised Text Mining for Topic Labeling
IHC Presentation on Left Hand Experiment
This was a school work where we interviewed people about their usage of cellphone and compared left hand and right hand users
Analise Robocode