Jonathan Leslie

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Bicycle Gear Calculatory
An interactive application that allows the user to compare two bicycle gear configurations,
Capstone Project Slide deck - Leslie
This is the slide deck associated with my Capstone Project, submitted as part of the requirements for the Data Science Specialization offered through Coursera and Johns Hopkins University.
Predicting weight lifting execution
This document outlines a recent project in which I build a machine learning model based on the Weight Lifting Exercise Dataset compiled by Velloso et al (Ref:
Peer Review 2 - Costs of Weather Events
In this report I aim to investigate the socio-economic effects of weather event in the United States between the years 1950 and 2011. I examined which types of events were most costly in terms of economic costs as well as human injuries and fatalities. I found that during this period, tornadoes were, by far, the most costly in terms of population health. Economically, floods, hurricanes/typhoods and storm surges were the most costly.
Analysis of daily activity data.
A programming assignment submitted as part of my coursework for Reproducible Research ( Assignment: This assignment makes use of data from a personal activity monitoring device. This device collects data at 5 minute intervals through out the day. The data consists of two months of data from an anonymous individual collected during the months of October and November, 2012 and include the number of steps taken in 5 minute intervals each day.