Arthur Magno

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Statistical Inference - Course Project (Part 2)
The part 2 of this project focuses on exploratory data analysis and the application of inferential tests on the “ToothGrowth” dataset.
Statistical Inference - Course Project (Part 1)
This project investigates the exponential distribution in R and compares it with the Central Limit Theorem. The exponential distribution was simulated in R with rexp(n, lambda) where lambda is the rate parameter, while the seed was set on 30. The part 1 investigates the averages of 40 exponentials on 1000 simulations.
Reproducible Research - Assignment 2
This code is used for process the natural events data from USA since 1950 until November 2011. It answers basically two questions: 1 - Which natural events are the most harmful on USA since 1995 2 - Which natural events are the most economically damaging on USA since 1995. The language R was used to make all the analysis and Data Processing. The most harmful events were tornadoes and excessive heat. The most economically damaging events were droughts (crops) and floods (properties). This code is used for society benefits and its use is free for everyone.