Merrill Asp

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Text Prediction App Presentation
Pitch for my Text Prediction App as part of the capstone project for the Coursera Data Science Specialization
Text Prediction Exploratory Analysis
This is a brief document summarizing progress in exploratory data analysis of an English corpus of text from blogs, news articles, and twitter to produce a SwiftKey style text prediction algorithm.
Shiny App Pitch
R Markdown Presentation MWE
A minimum working example of a simply HTML presentation based on R markdown and showing interactive plots built with the plotly package.
Minimum Working Example for Leaflet Interactive Maps
This shows some of the basic capabilities of the leaflet R package.
NOAA Data Analysis - The Impact of Weather Distasters in the US
By combining NOAA extreme weather data from 1950 to the present, we show the specific events that have taken the greatest historical toll on the US in terms of human losses and economic losses. We summarize these events graphically to show the relative impact and the scale of these losses.