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After the corruption.
TRCWIHP 2018/19
The Ridiculously Complicated Wiens Invitational Hockey Pool 2018/19
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Presentation of Algorithm and Shiny Application
JHU Capstone Milestone Report
Milestone Report for Week 2 of JHU Coursera Data Science Capstone Project
2018 Olympics Pool
NHL Analytics - Presentation for Coursera JHU Data Products Final Project
Analysis of Playing Time and Point Production by Position and Team. Slide the time on ice slider to select the minimum number of minutes for analysis. Select which positions to include, and which teams.
Olympic Medals - Plotly
For assignment 2 of JHU Coursera Data Science Data Products
Olympic Medals 2014
Assignment One - JHU Data Products - Coursera
Olympic Medals
First Assignment as part of the Data Products Coursera Course - JHU
Practical Machine Learning - Final Assignment
Final Assignment for Practical Machine Learning - JHU Coursera