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Curso 2017-18
Box-and-whisker plots
In this tutorial we take a look at the ubiquitous box-and-whisker plot. It is ideal to visualize the spread in a numerical variable by way of quartile values. It can also display statistical outliers which can be great importance.
Thoughts on Random Number Generators (ggplot2)
Random Number Generators in bash scripts (Part 1 of 3) Using ggplot2
Occupancy 1
Occupancy estimation analysis 1
Final Project
Complete Journey Customer Transactions
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1996-2011 US Storm Event Damages, Injuries and Fatalities
This report summarizes the impact of the US storm events as registered and published by National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA). It shows that over the 1996-2011 period Hurricanes (Typhoons) are the no. 1 cause of property damages and that Drought is so for crop damages. At the same time Tornados are the no. 1 driver of personal injuries, while Excessive heat has caused most fatalities. During the 1996-2011 period the number of Tornados is clearly on the rise, while the occurrences of Hurricanes remain more or less the same. Therefore, the development of storm events over the years should lead to a rising concern regarding the public health. Less so for US properties.
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