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Health and economic impacts of weather events
Weather events in the USA - analysis for Reproducible Research MOOC (Dec 2014 session)
Presentation Course Developing Data Products
The NOAA Storm Database analysis
Impact of Storms in US
Assignment fro Reproducible Research Course at Coursera with JHU
Vitamin C Absorbtion Varies Upon Sources
This report is the second part of the peer assessed project for the Statistical Inference course on Coursera. The analysis was aimed at performing statistical inference on the comparison of Vitamin C intake from two alternative sources and using tooth growth of guinea pigs as a surrogate measurement.
This is a test doc.
Reproducible Research: Assignment 2
This report contains the R code and documentation for analysis of effects of severe weather events in US.
Analyze the economic and human impact of weather events by type using the NOAA Storm Database
Slidify Presentation to my Shiny Triangles application
Slidify Presentation to my Shiny Triangles application