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Health and Economic Effects of Severe Weather Events
Assignment 2 for Coursera/JHU/Data Science/Reproducible Research course
R Bridge W3 Assignment
MSDA Summer Bridge Week3 Assignment
Your task is to study the dataset and the associated description of the data (i.e. “data dictionary”). You may need to look around a bit, but it’s there! You should take the data, and create a data frame with a subset of the columns (and if you like rows) in the dataset. You should include the column that indicates edible or poisonous and three or four other columns. You should also add meaningful column names and replace the abbreviations used in the data—for example, in the appropriate column, “e” might become “edible.” Your deliverable is the R code to perform these transformation tasks.
Developing Data Product
This is part of the course project for "Developing Data Products" course. The presentation describes the shiny application "Automobile catalog filter".
MSDA Week3
Number guessing
Number guessing