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Многомерная логит-регрессия в R
заметки по теме
Логит-регрессия в R
заметки по теме
Линейная регрессия в R
небольшие вводные заметки в тему
Proyecto de fin de curso de la materia Bioestadística e Informática Médica. Año: 2015
Projekt zaliczeniowy z ZASC
Lancaster to Leeds route
My trip back from GEOSTAT in Lancaster to my home in Leeds
Applied Geostatistics in R: 10. Ward Hierarchical Clustering Analysis for Facies Classification in a Sandstone Formation
Ward Hierarchical Clustering performs a hierarchical cluster analysis using a set of dissimilarities for the number of objects being clustered. Initially, each object is assigned to its own cluster and then the algorithm proceeds iteratively, at each stage joining the two most similar clusters, continuing until there is just a single cluster(Legendre and Legendre, 2012). At each stage distances between clusters are recomputed by the Lance–Williams dissimilarity update formula according to the particular clustering method being used. Ward Hierarchical Clustering leads to reach the minimum clustering variance by finding compact, spherical clusters(Legendre and Legendre, 2012).
Exercise with Diamonds Data Set
This is my very first RPub, a simple exercise from UDACITY's Introduction To Explorative Analysis lesson 3. It was also my first chance to use the power or R and R Markdown language.
日本郵便提供の住所データで遊ぶ: 準備編