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An examination of the cost to health and property of natural disasters
This is my attempt at a Coursera Data Science assignment
App Presentation: QuickHealthCheck
This presentation gives details about the Shiny app I created for the "Development Data Products" class on Coursera┬┤s Data Science Specialization. The app automatizes calculations and classifications for your body mass index (BMI), weight and obessity conditions, as well as disease risk (for type-2 diabetes, hypertension and cardivascular disease). The app is based on information from the following US National Institutes of Health web page: http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/educational/lose_wt/risk.htm
Ozone Level App
Presentation of my app for Ozone level across the states and county in the United States for the year 2015
Developing Data Products Presentation
Single presentation for explain shiny app of Coursera Project
Starbucks - Shiny
Brief presentation about the Shiny dashboard for the coursera course on developing data products.
Coursera Reproducible Research: Peer Assessment 1
A submission to Coursera class.
Publish HTML
This document reports on the Capstone project marking the end of the 9-course Data Science Specialization offered by Coursera and the John Hopkins Department of Biostatistics. The purpose of this project is to apply the knowledge gained throughout the specialization's courses to a novel data science problem: text prediction. Specifically, we use large text files to build a text prediction algorithmthat is then incorporated into an interface that can be accessed by others. The project is offered in cooperation with Swiftkey, a company building smart prediction technology for easier mobile typing. Documentation on my Shiny data product is available in an R Studio Presenter presentation. I have elected to complete the project in R as per the parameters of the assignment, but also in Python to get hands-on experience with the Python's Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK). A report on the Python version of the project is available here.
Heatmap Dendogram 38x38
Shows wikipedia uses and perceptions clusters on 652 observations
Weather Analysis - Reproducible Research Assignment
This document contains an analysis on weather data from NOAA storm database