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My Attempt at Hw#2. I hope to practice more.
Here is my homework from last week. The wifi just allowed me to upload it now.
An course (or award) title unites an award abbreviation and route (i.e. subjects taken).
Visualizing Relationships
Statistical Inference Book for Coursera class. Knit in RStudio after cloning Github repo from https://github.com/bcaffo/LittleInferenceBook
Statistical Analysis of Transmission Design on Fuel Economy
In order to determine what transmission design is better for a vehicle’s MPG, and quantify this difference, we performed a hypothesis test on the transmission design variable modeled on a 1974 Motor Trend data set. We could not reject the null hypothesis that automatic and manual provide equivalent fuel economy. It was determined that transmission design is not a significant factor influencing fuel economy.
February 2015 Meeting