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Exploratory Data Analysis
Particulate Analysis
BDA3 Homework. So far only exercise 1.1 is completed
** Lab 7**
Toastmasters Retention Analysis
A statistical analysis of Toastmasters retention at district level using multiple linear regression.
Human Cost and Economic Impact of Weather Events This document presents presents the cost in human lives as wellas the economic impact of various weather events. We use data provided by NOAH. We found that, in aggregate, Tornadoes are responsible for about 33% of total deaths by followed by fatalities by heat exhaustion (excessive heat). With respect to economic impact, flood is the largest contributor, followed by hurricanes. Again, floods account for about one-third of the economic cost and hurricanes for slightly more than one-sixth, for a total of more than half of all economic damage.
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Análisis estadístico MCF202
Descriptor del curso MCF 202 del semestre Agosto Diciembre 2014. Maestría en Ciencias Forestales// Facultad de Ciencias Forestales //UANL Dr. Marco Aurelio González Tagle