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Coursera DS: Capstone project
Slide Deck for Word Prediction Algorithm
Coursera DS: Capstone Project Presentation
Slide deck for Coursera's capstone project
Coursera DS: Capstone | Week 2 | Text EDA
As a first step toward working on this project we will prepare Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) for the dataset to get familiar with the data and it’s structure. This analysis isconcise and explain only the major features of the data and briefly summarize my plans for creating the prediction algorithm and Shiny app in a way that would be understandable to a non-data scientist manager.
RMD Presentation with Plotly
Peer review submission
Peer-graded Assignment: R Markdown and Leaflet
27 October 2016
Hamleys toys stores in Russia - map
Hamleys network in Russia with random variable assigned to draw a circles of different area
Just test