Reinhold Kliegl

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Reduction of Complexity of Linear Mixed Models with Double-Bar Syntax
Linear mixed models are frequently overparameterized. A primary source of this problem are correlation parameters. Often these correlation parameters do not contribute to goodness of model fit (i.e., there is not enough evidence that they differ significantly from zero). The new double-bar syntax allows a convenient specification of zero-correlation-parameter linear mixed models in lmer().
Linear Mixed Models: Eye Movements During Reading of Uighur
Paper: Yan, M., Zhou, W., Shu, H., Yusupu, R., Miao, D., Kruegel, A., & Kliegl, R. (2014). Eye Movements Guided by Morphological Structure: Evidence from the uighur Language. Cognition, 132 (2), 181-215. URL: Script is based on uighur_package.v2.R (available on Potsdam Mind Research Repository, also a preprint of the paper); see this script for details about computation of various derived variables (e.g., centering for LMMs, grouping for figures)