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Bieu do hop
Results after stratify income
Ket qua phan chia income (lowest - equal or greater than middle)
Publish Document 1
Publish Document: Bieu do gia ca
Bieu do the hien gia tang len
Publish Document 3 - all models 4 quartiles
updated April 6th 2017
all model 2
Publish Plot 1
BMA – Bayesian Model Average (linear regression)
BMA – Bayesian Model Average Copied from Prof Nguyen Van Tuan
Characteristics of study population and cigarette price to quit
Characteristics of study population and cigarette price to quit
Zelig for NOT WTP
Zelig for NOT WTP
Using zelig-tobit bayes and zelig-tobit
I presented all steps in tobit regression model using 2 difference approaches
Hypothesis test - Bayes
Hypothesis test - Bayes
Bayesian Tobit regression model
We would like to see whether the association bet required prices and factors such as: personal factors or policy factors. outcome=log10(x+1)
Descriptive data
Simulated all basic steps for data description
Bayesian Logistic model
This note is followed the instruction of Dr Nam (Namlundidong). Learning by doing that is my spirit
Test and inquery - non normal distribution
Hello you guys First time on this 4rum Can you advice me some tips for this data in multiple data analysis Outcome (feritin) Independence Var: FT3, FT4, TSH, RBC, HB, MCV, MCH, MCHC, HCT Data at: