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Geographically Weighted Regression Quick Tutorial
A quick tutorial about GWR via the GWmodel package
Geographically Weighted PCA
Tutorial on the use of GWPCA, working with the Baltic Soils Survey data set, as used in the 'mvoutlier' package.
Geographically Weighted PCA Tutorial
Tutorial of GW-PCA based on the Baltic Soil Survey
Geographically weighted Summary Statistics Practical
A Practical outlining the use of the GWmodel package for summary statistics
Getting Started With 'caricRture'
A brief introduction to the caricRture package to produce hand-drawn maps.
Ireland Census of Population 2011: A classification of Small Areas
Open source geodemographics example - we may update details in the future, but this is the current state of play...
Ireland Census of Population 2011: A classification of Small Areas
Preliminary details of a geodemographic classification of Irish Small Areas, based on the 2011 Irish Census
Getting Started With R
First assignment for ENVS257
How Unpopular is Jeremy Hunt?
A very extreme opinion poll outcome leads to an interesting statistical problem...
'Hidden' Variables and R Environments
The use of environments to pass 'secret' variables between function calls.
Olympic Breakfast Revisited
Re-visting the earlier olympic data analysis with 2012 data - plus some discussion of the volunteered data quality...
Twitter Analysis in R
Word cloud and graph-based analysis of Twitter data
Olympic Breakfast
A look at visualising data about the olympics with R
Choropleth Mapping with GISTools
A brief description of the GISTools package - showing how to create choropleth maps.