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Portfolio optimization
quantitative finance
Customer Equivalent Mileage
Ensemble Learning with H2O
Ensemble learning, machine learning
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deep learning,autoencoders,fraud detection
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Anomaly Detection
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Time Series Neural Networks
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dplyr Tutorial
Predicting Bank loan Term Deposit
machine laerning,xgboost,neural networks, logistic regression, random forest
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xgboost tutorial
General Additive Model
Mixed Effects Models
ANOVA Models
Vehicle Uptime Prediction ANOVA Models
Bayesian Structural Equation Time Series Models
Bayesian Structural Equation Time Series Models
Time Series Models for Forcasting
Time Series Models for Forcasting
visualizations with highcharter package
visualizations with highcharter package
census data
lubridate tutorial
working with date and time objects.
Time Series/ ARIMA Models
Build different Arima models in r and forecast future observations.
Machine Learning with H20
deep learning, neural networks, generalized linear models
Beta Regression Models
Modelling rates, proportion and other dependent variables between 0 and 1.
gganimate tutorials