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Data 606 Final Project
Statistical Analysis of New York Air Quality
Data 607 Final Project
Medicare Fraud Detection
Data 607 Assignement 12 - SQL vs NoSQL
CUNY SPS DATA-607 Week 12 Assignment: Migrating SQL database using R into MongodB
Data 606 Lab8
Intro to Linear Regression
Data 606 HW8
Chapter 8 - Introduction to Linear Regression
Data 607 - Tidyverse Exercise1
Discussion 11: Recommender Systems
Hulu's recommendation System
Data 607 Project 4
Text Classification - Hams or Spams
Data 606 Lab7
Inference for numerical data
Data 606 HW7
Chapter 7 - Inference for Numerical Data
Data 607 HW9
Web APIs - JSON file to Dataframe
Data 607 HW 7
Json Web APIs interface to Dataframe
Data 606 Lab6
Chapter 6 - Inference on CATEGORICAL DATA
Data 606 HW6
Data Project 3c
Data Analysis and Visualizations - Word cloud and Frequency of Words
Data Project 3b
Data anlysis and visualizations
Project 606
Statistical Analysis of Ozone pollution in New York City.
Project 3
Web Scrapping code to get jobs from
Data 607 HW 7
Web scrapping exercise: html, xml and Json files
Data 607 Project 2c
Are Millennial really Screwed?
Data 607 Project 2b
Data Wrangling using the reshape2 libraries : melt and dcast
Data 607 Project 2a
UN Migrant Studies from Discussion Week 5
Data 606 Lab5b
Foundations for statistical inference - Confidence intervals'
Data 606 Lab5a
Foundations for statistical inference - Sampling distributions
Data 606 HW5
Foundations of Inferences
Data 606 Lab4
Normal Distribution Exercise
Data 607 HW 4
Different Types of distributions (Binomial, Poisson)
Data 607 HW 5
Untidy data -> tidy data using dplyr and tidyr
Data 607 Project 1
Chess Tournament Project
Data 606 Lab3
Probability & Simulation
Data 606 HW3
Probability Distribution
Data 607 HW 3
RegEX exercise
Data 606 Lab1
"Introduction to R and RStudio" and maneuvering and manipulating data
Data 606 Lab2
Summarizing and manipulating Data Exercise
Data 606 HW2
Summarizing Data Exercises
Data 607 HW 2
SQL & R Excercise
Data 607 HW 1
Mushroom Data Analysis
Final Project
Statistical analysis of a Study of Human DNA score vs. Shifts towards left handness
Test Doc
First time publishing in RPub; a test doc