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Predicting Next Word Using Katz Back-Off: Part 3 - Understanding and Implementing the Model
The goal of this part was to develop the conceptual framework and the code to implement the Katz Backoff Trigram algorithm as the model used to predict the next word of a given phrase.
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Event History Analysis - Example 1 Functions of Survival Time
This example will illustrate how to construct a basic survival function from individual-level data. The example will use as its outcome variable, the event of a child dying before age 1. The data for this example come from the Demographic and Health Survey Model Data Files children’s recode file.
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Introduction to R Markdown
Orders in 2015
Cars with Candela UpSet
candela('UpSet', data=mtcars, id='_row', fields=list('cyl', 'carb'))
Cars with Candela OnSet
candela('OnSet', data=mtcars, id='_row', fields=list('cyl', 'carb'))
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