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Document: ANLY 545--Homework #4
Assignment # 4--from Chapter five
NLP part 1 - Data summary
Submission for week 2, Data Science Capstone project
Language Model for Predicting Next Word using N-grams
A capstone project for the Data Science Specialization course offered by the John Hopkins University through Coursera. The capstone project is developed in partnership with SwiftKey, a leading company in the field of predictive text analytics.
Exploratory Data Analysis of Text Documents
Exploratory data analysis of document texts in preparation for developing algorithms to predict word sequences. Created as part of Capstone Project for the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health Data Science Specialization Certificate offered through Coursera. June 2018.
Homework 4 ANLY 545
loglm and mosaic plots.
JH Data Science Capstone Project: Exploratory Data Analysis
JH Data Science Capstone Project: Exploratory Data Analysis
ANLY 545--Lab #2 exercise.--Twitter and Wordcloud
Chunks of code used to evaluate Tweets and use of word cloud
Exploratory Data Analysis and Modeling for Capstone
This document presents the results for the text analysis as part of the Coursera Data Science Specialization Capstone project.
Quarter Mile Time as a predictor of MPG
This analysis plots the quarter mile time of a vehicle and its miles per gallon.