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Course Project 2
Reproducible Reaserch
For Geomapping
In this project I tried to classify and predict between photo's of me and my wife
MATH 5389 Mini-Project 3
Taste Test Data Analysis
Here I document a secondary data analysis I did for the Dept. of Rhinology at Penn Medicine. I analyzed chemosensory data, performed a regression and checked model assumptions.
Kajuraho UNESCO Historical Site
This is a project example of how to use the various tools in the R leaflet package.
Data Manager Script for DSMB Report
This document prepares data extracts from our partner sites and checks to make sure that it meets expectations. The output of this code is then used to produce operational reports and the DSMB report.
Developing data products - Leaflet
Developing data products - Leaflet Assignment work
Data Processing/Cleaning
Prior to running a machine learning algorithm for predicting ICU mortality, the raw data extract had to be cleaned. Due to the number of variables, it was important to make sure that we could have visual checks to verify that the data was according to expectations. This document tries to fulfill that task.