Getting Started with RPubs

RStudio lets you harness the power of R Markdown to create documents that weave together your writing and the output of your R code. And now, with RPubs, you can publish those documents on the web with the click of a button!


You'll need R itself, RStudio (v0.96.230 or later), and the knitr package (v0.5 or later).


  1. In RStudio, create a new R Markdown document by choosing File | New | R Markdown.
  2. Click the Knit HTML button in the doc toolbar to preview your document.
  3. In the preview window, click the Publish button.

If you have questions or feedback about RPubs, drop by the RStudio support forums and let us know. We're always eager to hear about how you're using our tools and how we can make them better!