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Tableau de bord pour le Suivi du Covid-19 au Niger
Customer Segmentation and Personalization
Olist adalah marketplace yang beroperasi sebagai perusahaan teknologi SaaS di segmen e-commerce sejak 2015. Olist menawarkan solusi bagi pemilik toko dari semua ukuran untuk meningkatkan penjualan mereka melalui platform online. Goal dari projek ini adalah melakukan segmentasi customer, prediksi customer lifetime value dan membuat personalization recommendation engine.
Storm Data Analysis
This paper presents some insights regarding effects of storms and other severe weather events on both public health and economic problems for communities and municipalities. Many severe events can result in fatalities, injuries, and property damage, and preventing such outcomes to the extent possible is a key concern. For this research we will explore U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) storm database.The database covers the time period between 1950 and November 2011. The research aims to address the following questions: Across the United States, which types of events are most harmful with respect to population health? Across the United States, which types of events have the greatest economic consequences?
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Per Province Corona Death
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