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SwiftKey Capstone: Milestone Report (ngrams)
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유학생 데이터 분석 연습
유학생 데이터 분석 연습니다.
sub group의 빈도수 및 비중 percentage 계산
myApp (Shiny)
"My Shiny" app is developed using RStudio - Shiny. This is an reactive app that takes input from user, processes the data and plots it to the output window. This app uses the "Motor Trend Car Road Test (mtcars) - USA, 1974" dataset ("mtcars"). All the tabs are independent of each other. The tab named "Plotly" takes the input from user through drop down box and radio button. User is required to select the "No. of cylinders" of the car and "No. of gears" of the car. Selected input is used to filter the original dataset for these values and plots the same in a scatterplot. The resulting plot depicts the impact of the "Car Weight" on "Miles Per Gallon (MPG)". The tab named "Summary" summarizes the "MTCARS" dataset. The tab named "Leaflet" displays co-ordinates of my favourite dream vacation in Iceland - Aurora Borealis. - See "ui.R" tab for details on UI logic of the Shiny web app. - See "server.R" tab for details on Server logic of the Shiny web app.