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Presentation for the shiny app
Slides give the details of how the shiny web application works. https://vsnupoudel.shinyapps.io/Compare_linear_models/
Feature branch comparison
Soil erosion modeling
Analysing the soil loss estimated by the SLEMSA model with respect to CA technologies
Conservative agriculture and socio economic factors
Is CA productivity influenced by socio economic factors
Functional Data Analysis using fda.usc R package
Part I: Introduction
Functional Data Analysis using fda.usc R package
Part III: Discrimination, Clustering and Anova Introduction Functional Supervised Classification: Discrimination Functional Non-Supervised Classification: Clustering Functional Analysis of variance: FANOVA
Functional Data Analysis using fda.usc package
Part II: REGRESSION 1 Functional Linear Model (FLM) 2 Functional Non-Linear Model 3 Functional Generalized Linear Model 4 Functional Generalized Additive Model