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Gun Violence in the United States - Exploratory Data Analysis
Exploratory data analysis of gun violence in the United States using data from the Gun Violence Archive. The dataset was downloaded on May 12, 2018 from https://www.kaggle.com/jameslko/gun-violence-data.
NOAA Storm and weather events analysis
The objective of the analysis is study the storm data collected by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to answer the following two questions. First, which type of events are the most harmful with respect to population health? Second, which types of events have the greatest economic consequences? To answer the first question I will concentrate my analysis in the total number of fatalities and injuries per event. The second question I will analyze the property damage and crop damage across the United States. I will explore the storm data database from NOAA to conduct my analysis.
Prevalence rates 10-14
Five year prevalence estimate for 2010-2014. Nationally Reportable Condition
Heritage Vancouver.HTML
Biology Review 05_25_18