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Aula 3 - 22
DocumentIntroduction to linear regression
The Human Freedom Index is a report that attempts to summarize the idea of “freedom” through a bunch of different variables for many countries around the globe. It serves as a rough objective measure for the relationships between the different types of freedom - whether it’s political, religious, economical or personal freedom - and other social and economic circumstances. The Human Freedom Index is an annually co-published report by the Cato Institute, the Fraser Institute, and the Liberales Institut at the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom. In this lab, you’ll be analyzing data from Human Freedom Index reports from 2008-2016. Your aim will be to summarize a few of the relationships within the data both graphically and numerically in order to find which variables can help tell a story about freedom.
Week 4 course Project Presentation
R presentation for the shiny app created to plot normal distribution and exponential distribution for a few user entered values.
Solo Duenos - Palermo