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Daily Bread Template
Daily Bible study template to resolve these issues: 1. Remove redundant Bible study steps and methods 2. Have a tool that encompasses all necessary resources in one place 3. word search method that is accurate instead of available tools that aren't (e.g. searching "sin" which includes "sing") 4. Have a deeper study with less time to focus on prayer and etc.
Pastor's Birthday
test display
Daily COVID-19 Dashboard Template
This is a test of the Use of flexdashboard, leaflet and tiger shapefiles.
Worldometer COVID-19 Data
I built a web-scraping tool to automate the minute-by-minute Worldometer COVID-19 data and analyze and/or aggregate however needed.
Motor Trend Analysis
This two part analysis is to determine best transmission options given miles per gallon and to quantify the determination.
Temperature Prediction Given Humidity
LM Exercise on Weather in Szeged 2006-2016: Is there a relationship between humidity and temperature? What about between humidity and apparent temperature? Can you predict the apparent temperature given the humidity?
Statistical Inference Course Project
The project consists of two parts: 1. A Simulation Exercise using an Exponential Distribution in R 2. Inferential Data Analysis using the ToothGrowth Dataset
Non Parametric Bootstrap
The purpose of this file is to create bootstrap examples to reference. This file will cover non-parametric bootstrapping.
Statistical Inference: Week 2
Intervals, Testing & P values
Statistical Inference: Week 1
Probability & Expected Values
Using Machine Learning to Discover Employee Absenteeism Reasons
Data set from the University California Irvine Machine Learning Repository to perform non-supervised machine learning techniques and clustering to determine underlying reasons for employee absenteeism.
NOAA Storm Data Preparation Analysis
This report is to submit an analysis to a hypothetical government or municipal manager with the Department of Commerce who would be responsible in preparing for severe weather events and will need to prioritize resources for different types of events.
Activity Monitoring Data
Analysis of data from a personal activity monitoring device for homework project. This is a test Rmd file to start publishing my R work.