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Asthma Self management characteristics.
Characteristics of asthma good management
Customers at an Auto_Insurance Company
Build multiple linear regression and binary logistic regression models on the training data to predict the probability that a person will crash their car and also the amount of money it will cost if the person does crash their car.
Content correlation plots of crime dataset
Time Series Forecasting
Looking for the best forecast model
Time Series Forecasting
Looking for the best model to forecast. Using Naive method, Arima and ETS
Time Series Forecasting
Forecast time series and evaluate the accuracy
Homework KJ31 and KJ32
Preprocessing Missing Data
Evaluation of Recommender Systems
Evaluate Users Ratings and Recommender Models
Evaluation of Recommenders Systems
Ratings Evaluations and Models Evaluations
Recommender Sysytem Evaluation and Comparison
Computational Mathematics
Unsupervised Learning
Applying K-mean Clustering and SVM
Computation of Taylor Series
Inverse function Exponential Logarithm
Taylor Series
Integration of Taylor Series
Logistic Regression
Interpret of slope and intercept R-square and R-square adjusted logistic model
Connection Between DataBases
MySQL ----> R ----> MongoDB
Multiple Linear Model
Backward Elimination with p-value approach
Linear Model
Murder prediction
DATA607 Project 4 Part 2
Document Classifiers
Spam and Ham training and test
User Base Recommendations Items Base Recommendations
Linear Regression
Simple Linear Regression
Numerical Variables
Confidence Interval Minimun required Sample Difference of average, Hypothesis ANOVA
Numerical Variables
Hypothesis Inferences Confidence interval
scraping the web with Apis
Using New York Time APIs
Project 3
Most demand data sciences skills.
Central Limit Theorem and Moment Generating Function
Exercise 11 p.343
Inference for Categorical Data
Exercises 6..48 p.248 6.10 p.216 6.16 p.216 6.22 p.226 6.34 p.239 6.50 p.248
Assignment 8
Exercise 11 p303 Exercise 14 p304 Exercise 1 320-321
Transfer web table to R
Table in json
Json table in html script
HTML Table
Table and attributes in html
Project 2C
School score
Project 2B
Malaria (incompleted)
Uniform Distribution
Probability Distribution in an Area
Tidying and Transforming Dataset
Using gather() and spread() from Tidyr and dplyr
UUsing Regular Expression in R
Linear Transformation
Linear Transformation
Injective, Surjective, Invertible Transformation
Using Regular Expression
Using stringr library to extract and clean strings
Linear Algebra
Eigenvalues and eigeinvectors
Import fromSQL
Data605 Discussion Board 2
System lineary independent
The Mushroom Dataset
Assignment1 DATA607 Renaming and sub setting the mushroom dataset
Cybersecurity Breaches in Health Care
Study of Cyber Security Breaches in Health Care Number of People Affected by Month and Year Number of People Affected by State and Region
Cybersecurity Breaches dataframe
Using ggplot2
Summer Bridge R SummAssignment Week 2
Function: summary, data.frame, subset, median, mean, renames colnames, rownames
Summer Bridge Assignment R11
Loop Function sequence
Summer Bridge R Assignment 1
Using for loop Function seq() Quadratic Function
Summer Bridge Assignment R1
For loop for to compute factorial 12 using seq function Solutions of a quadratic equation