Angel Claudio

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Multivariate Calculus Problems
Multivariate calculus problems, some proposed in conceptual real world scenarios.
Univariate and Multivariate Calculus
Random Univariate and Multivariate Calculus Problems for Data Science
Examples of Solving for Eigen Values and Eigen Vectors
Examples of Solving for Eigen Values and Eigen Vectors
3 x 3 Matrix Characteristic Polynomial
3 x 3 Matrix Characteristic Polynomial
Beverage PH Machine Learning
The goal of this project is to use a data set from a beverage manufacturing company consisting of 2,571 observations and 33 variables to train a model. The model will be used to predict pH in sample data provided separately.
Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Neural Networks
This research paper is to explore the functionality of neural nets by applying its functionality to Credit Card Fraud Detection. Using data of continuous values that depict the attributes of credit card pictures, we will train two different neural net models to predict which credit cards are fraudulent.
Spam Filters
This research article is about creating Spam Filters using different machine learning models for training and testing. We will see most of the challenges will come from both prepping the data and optimizing the performance of the training. Finally, we will assess the prediction results for highest performance based on accuracy and time efficiency.