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CISC 520--Assignment 1--Week 2-Data Exploration
Car MPG dataset: Data exploration, missing values, visualization, density plots, ...
Grad 695-Final Project-R-Homeless1
The t-test was applied to the homelessness data in my final project.
Document: ANLY 530--Lab 3 Assignment
ANLY 530- Lab 3 Assignment. Presented by Charles Pierre
Document: ANLY 545--Homework #8
Dear Dr. Sadeghian, this is Homework #8 submitted by Charles Pierre.
Document: ANLY 545--Homework #7
Homework 7--Models for Polytomous Responses
Document: ANLY 530--Lab 2 Assignment--Final
Publication of ANLY 530--Lab 2 Assignment (final version) from Charles Pierre. Professor: Dr. R. Sadeghian
Document: ANLY 545--Homework 6 from Charles Pierre
An R publication of Homework 6 for ANLY 545 from Charles Pierre. Thank you, Dr. Sadeghian!
Publish Document: ANLY 530-Lab2 Assignment--Second Draft
The second version of Lab 2 with tweaks in Part 1, including a re-focus on Creditability.
Document: ANLY 530--Lab 2 Assignment--First Draft
The first draft of ANLY 530--Lab 2 Assignment.
Document: ANLY 545--Homework #5
ANLY 545--Homework # 5. From Charles Pierre
Document: ANLY 530--Lab 1 Assignment
The following Lab 1 Assignment is submitted by Charles Pierre
ANLY 530--Lab 1 preparation-Draft
Lab 1 preparation for Analytics 530--Machine Learning I--First Model
Document: ANLY 545--Homework #4
Assignment # 4--from Chapter five
ANLY 545--Lab #2 exercise.--Twitter and Wordcloud
Chunks of code used to evaluate Tweets and use of word cloud
Document: ANLY 545--Homework #3
Analytical Methods II--Homework #3
Document: ANLY 545--Homework #2
A publication of my homework for ANLY 545----C. Pierre
Document: ANLY 545 --Homework #1
The publication of Homework #1, Chapter Two, Exercises 2.3 and 2.5 by Charles Pierre
ANLY 545--Downloading vcd and vcdExtra
Arthritis Treatment, along with vcd and vcdExtra
ANALY 545--Lab#1 Assignment--Ice Cream Survey with code
Ice Cream Survey for Lab#1 assignment, published with code.
Document: ANLY545-Analytical Methods II--Lab #1 Group Assignment
Posting and analysis of Ice Cream Survey for LAB #1 assignment
CMAT 643--Using lpSolve to Solve LP programs 3
Maximize: P = - z subject to: 3v - 2w - 4x + 6y - z <= 0 - 4v + 2w - x - 8y - z <= 0 -3w -2x - y - z <= 0 v + w + x + y <= 1 -v - w - x - y <= - 1 v,w,x,y,z >= 0
CMAT 643 - lpSolve Solution-Project Exam - Nov 13 2017
Maximize: P = 2w + 3x + y + 4z Subject to: w - y + z <= 5 WH - w + 2x +z <= 6 MH x + y + 0.5z <= 8 PH w,x,y,z >= 0
Using LpSolve to solve a two-variable LP problem
Dashboard Lab--Group Project
A group project from Ryan, Saketh and Charles
Sorry for taking so long. This "tidyquant" is nice. I was not sure how to import the document to Drive, so I published it in RPUBS. The link is below. Once you guys have gone over the info in the link, we can put it in Drive, if that is ok. I need someone to walk me through Drive. Also, we need to place all four names as authors. Charles
ANLY 512--Problem Set 3-August 6, 2017--Document
Work for ProbSet 3
ANLY 512--Problem Set 2-July 25 2017--Document
Homework exercises for Problem set Two. From Charles Pierre
Publish Document--Problem set 1
Problem set 1 for Charles Pierre
Publish Document