Cormac Nolan

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Yet Another Interview Analysis
Looks at the path I took as I set out to apply for a data analytics job.
Renewables v Primary Energy Growth
If the world is going to reduce green house gas (GHG) emissions over the coming decades by way of the current strategy of massively building out new renewables, then one thing has to happen or it will be all for nought. The rate of growth of new renewables must be greater than the growth in primary energy consumption. The alternative is self-explantory. This analysis is an attempt to answer that question, is the growth in new renewables usage greater than the growth in primary energy consumption.
Bias vs Variance with purrr
Using purrr and functional programming to empirically look at errors from bias and variance.
Irish GHG Usage
Quick analysis of Irish green house gas (GHG) usage per capita and per unit of economic output. Mainly summary statistics and plots.
Nest Data Frames & Viz - tidyr, purr, broom
Shows how to use nested data frames with functional programming to perform modelling at scale. Completely based on Hadley Wickham's talk here: And a transcription by Aaron Saunders here:
European Migration
A descriptive analysis of migration patterns across many European countries from 2006-2016.
Irish Marriage Registrar Descriptive Analysis
A straightforward analysis of the publicly available list of Solemnisers (marriage registrars) in the Republic of Ireland. Includes a geographical view using leaflet.