Daniel Jachetta

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just a mock up of using ggpairs to compare variables across a dataset.
Crime data with Mapdeck
visualizing Sacramento crime data from 2006
Sacramento real estate data mapped with mapdeck and added layers.
Mapdeck regurgitation
Mapdeck, An R library which lets you plot interactive maps using Mapbox GL and
template with multiple levels and has scrolling effects
analyzing a stock with R and R packages
Shiny Apps
Links to my recent Shiny creations
Data Scientist Career Track in R certificate
finished Datacamp's Data Scientist Career Track in R.
Resume made in R with pagedown
Business Card in R
image location
Quality control x-bar-chart
Reading my prod-ops book about quality control and looked up charts in R! this is a copy of an example, but still good for me to get familiar with quality control charts
Staff Count gauges from GoogleVis
I think this would be a great addition to a decision makers dashboard. The count of staff members for each day to find relationships across other variables for the business.
zoom in and out of this scatterplot to analyze the 4 dimensional realtionship
experimenting with ggplot2 and additional themes
Frequency of financial transactions
Frequency of financial transactions under $300 over 4 years
Total Hours
I am attempting to visualize my total hours I have been compensated. This includes Paid time off, holidays, and of course my working hours
Image dithering
3D Interactive planets part 2
This is the earth with latitude and longitude tracers.
3D Interactive planets part 1
I was having upload issues, so this is just the sun for now.
Analyzing AVGR stock with R
Used this tutorial to analyze a publicly traded stock since I purchased shares.
Decision tree in R
a simple decision tree I found code for at I wanted to plot a decision tree after reading my textbook about decision trees for production operations management
Wireshark to R
a 3 second packet capture in Wireshark, exported to .csv, imported into R as .csv and visualized with GGplot2
Daily Agenda
This is a daily agenda slideshow made with revealJS and Rmarkdown
weekly purchase and sales report
simple rough draft of a sales and purchase report made in Rmarkdown
Chernoff Faces *Rough Draft*
This is a rough draft of an experimental visualization of Chernoff faces. Never thought R could make faces like this!
Weekly Manager Report Template
This is a template I made to test out flex Dashboards, I was thinking this layout would be great for a manager to quickly look over sales, inventory, and purchases for the week.
Internet Speed Test