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Using the hydroTSM package to aggregate daily Crater Lake SNOTEL data by month and year.
This documents my exploration of the Crater Lake SNOTEL using the hydroTSM package, which has many automatic aggregating functions. This package is primarily used for stream gauge data (I think), but for this example I am using it on a different type of water measurement, snow depth, Snow Water Equivalent (SWE), and temperature data.
Time Series Analysis of Crater Lake SNOTEL site using zoo and lubridate packages
This documents my initial data management and analysis of Crater Lake National Park's SNOTEL data from 2000-2014.
Visualizing Suitable Habitat Change for Saxifraga austromontana
This is a discussion of visualizations techniques for exploring suitable habitat information developed by Trevor Bloom in support of his M.S. Botany Thesis.
This document serves as a note sheet for comparing snow distribution and wildfire occurrence in the US Northern Rockies.
Intro to Rasters and Spatial Variogram
Completed as an assignment for WWU's ESCI597A. This is a study of Crater Lake and Yosemite area snow departure timing
Frequency Domian
This document is written as a homework submission for Western Washington University's ESCI 597A Time Series and Spatial Analysis course. See for more information.
Forecasting and Regressions
Prepared as a homework assignment for WEstern Washington University's ESCI 597A Time series and Spatial Analysis course by Andy Bunn. Notes found on
Assignment for ESCI 597A Western Washington University
Time Series Analysis of Crater Lake SNOTEL site using zoo and lubridate packages
This document is written for Western Washington's ESCI597A Time Seties and Spatial Analysis course. -Donal O'Leary 4/3/2015