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Week 2 Milestone Report
This is the Milestone report for Week 2 of Data Science Capstone of the Johns Hopkins University Data Science Specialization.
Regression Models Course project
You work for Motor Trend, a magazine about the automobile industry. Looking at a data set of a collection of cars, they are interested in exploring the relationship between a set of variables and miles per gallon (MPG) (outcome). They are particularly interested in the following two questions: “Is an automatic or manual transmission better for MPG” "Quantify the MPG difference between automatic and manual transmissions"
Analysis of U.S. Storm Event Data and it's Impact on Public Health and the Economy
Storms and other severe weather events can cause both public health and economic problems for communities and municipalities. Many severe events can result in fatalities, injuries, and property damage, and preventing such outcomes to the extent possible is a key concern. This project involves exploring the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) storm database. This database tracks characteristics of major storms and weather events in the United States, including when and where they occur, as well as estimates of any fatalities, injuries, and property damage.