Gowri Shankar

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Automatic vs Manual Transmission in Some Automobiles
Is an automobile with automatic transmission is better than a manual transmission one in terms of fuel efficiency. Is the miles per gallon is quantified between the both the transmissions
Confidence/Hypothesis testing of Tooth Growth among Guinea Pigs
During world war II, soldiers suffered sever Vitamin C deficiency and fell sick. This study was conducted to identify dosage levels and physical methods through which the problem to be addressed.
Exponential Distribution through Simulation
Inferential Analysis of Exponential Distribution through Simulation by CLT
Activity Monitoring
Human Activity Monitoring
This report consummates the analysis and findings of storm data data collected between the years 1950 and 2011. Data is collected by National Weather Service and National Climatic Data Center which explores the severe weather events which can result in public health and economic problems for communities and municipalities.