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COVID-19 Country Peaks
Country Peaks Estimations of COVID-19
Predictions of New Hospitalizations and Fatalities in Mexico
COVID-19 US Peaks
Estimation of Death Peaks for the United States
COVID-19 Patient Survival
Estimating the probability of Discharge from Hospital
COVID-19 Forcasting
Forecasting the expected % of deaths due to COVID-19 I'm not an epidemiologist so don´t believe 100% of the estimations. Models where updated 4/8/2020 with 4/7/2020 data from Kaggle
COVID-19 Diagnosis based on Self Reported Symptoms (coronastatus)
Ensemble Model of Logit functions for the diagnosis of COVID-19. The model is not valid. It is just a proof of concept of ML for the diagnosis of COVID-19 based on self-reported symptoms and diagnosis
COVID-19 Probability of Hospital Discharge Based on Symptoms
Estimating the probability of Hospital Discharge based on Patient Symptoms
COVID-19 Survival Prediction
Models and features that predict death from COVID-19. Diabetes, hypertension, and dyspnea.
Caret and FRESA.CAD
Benchmarking Caret-optimized classifiers with FRESA.CAD
Testing Boosting with FRESA.CAD ADA boost, Gradient Boost, RF, LDA, QDA, KNN, KNN-BSWiMS
Cross-Validation Tutorial with FRESA.CAD
Gradient Boost, Ada Boost, KNN, Random Forest, LASSO, SVM, LDA, QDA, Logistic Regression, RPART. Blanced, Proportional, Boostraping Cross-Validation
Prostate Cancer
FRESA.CAD Benchmarking the prostate cancer data set
Evaluation of Filters on a Logistic Regression Fit: IDI,NRI,Kendall, T-test,wilcoxon, etc....
All FRESA.CAD Classifiers
Classifiers that have FRESA.CAD interface for random cross-validation
Benchmark Sonar
FRESA.CAD Benchmarking
Bootstrap Validation ML Methods with FRESA.CAD
Comparing several ML methods on the DIABETES dataset
The use of FRESA.CAD Cross-validation function and FRESA.CAD binary benchmark to compare ML methods.
Binary Classification Benchmarking with the ARCENE dataset
ADABOOST Comparison
Comparing ADABOOST vs Other Common classifiers
Comparing Binary Classifications
Ada Boost and Hybrid Learning with FRESA.CAD benchmark
Colon Cancer Update
Benchmarking Classifiers
BRCA Recurence Signatures
Genes associated with BRCA recurrence
Stage C Prostate Cancer
FRESA.CAD benchmark on stagec prostate cancer data set
FRESA.CAD on Milles per Galon Dataset
FRESA.CAD benchmarking Classification models on the White Wine Dataset
Wine Quality
Benchmarking Ordinal Algorithms using FRESA.CAD
Radiomics BRCA Recurence Risk
FRESA.CAD Stage C Prostate Cancer
Use of the benchmark function for the evaluation of classification algorithms.
Body Fat V2
Leukemia Benchmark V2
ARCENE Benchmark V2
Lymphoma Benckmark V2
Ordinal OA KL Scores
Predicting KL Scores using quantitative JSW OAI measurements
Ordinal Modeling of the Low Birth Weight data set
OA KL Modeling
KL Score modeling with FRESA.CAD
Body Fat
DEXA Body Fat estimation from anthropometric measurement
"Data obtained from".
Prostate Benchmark
Benchmarking B:SWiMS, LASSO, SVM, RF
Leukemia Benchmark
Benchmark of classifiers and Feature Selection: B:SWiMS, LASSO, Random Forest and SVM with FeaLect
Lymphoma Benckmark
Lymphoma Benchmark with B:SWiMS, SVM, RF and SVM
Radiomics BRCA: Mammogram-based ONCOTYPE Risk prediction
Prediction of ONCOTYPE DX from Radiomics Analysis of Mammograms
Alzheimer´s ADAS prediction
Predicting ADAS13 from MRI's Structural quantitative analysis
ARCENE Benchmark
FRESA.CAD´s B:SWiMS approach is compared to SVM, RF and LASSO on the ARCENE data set
Colon Benchmark: BSWIMS,SVM,LASSO and RF
Wisconsin Breast Cancer Data Set
Wisconsin Breast Cancer Data Set analysis using FRESA.CAD Comparison between LASSO, Random Forest, Support Vector Machine (SVM), and the use of FeaLect for feature selection.
Sonar Data Set Analysis with FRESA.CAD
Benchmarking FRESA.CAD with the SONAR data set.
FRESA.CAD Madelon and SVM
FRESA.CAD tutorial
Example of the use of FRESA.CAD to find and analyze models
FRESA:CAD on the ARCENE data set
BRCA Recurrence with Logit Models and Correlation Signatures
Risk Models of Breast Cancer Recurrence using FRESA.CAD
Breast Cancer: Lung metastases
Predicting Survival
BRCA Logit
BRCA recurrence with logistic models
Prostate Cancer FRESA:CAD
Analysis of the prostate cancer DB
Lymphoma FRESA.CAD
BSWIMS test on lymphoma data set
OA Outcomes Models
Prediction of KL scores and TKR using X-Ray Quantitative Image assessments Data form OAI
Adjusting Longitudinal Data: Data from the OAI
This document shows how to adjust longitudinal data to site bias and anthropometric differences
Breast Cancer Signatures
Scrip showing the use of FRESA.CAD for the creation and validation of breast cancer signatures