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Basic COVID-19 Spread Model
A salute to the heroes of coronavirus: Health care workers on the frontline
Multiresponse Gaussian Regression
with glmnet
Image Classification with SVM on PCA coefficients
Using PCA to reduce feature dimension, then use map into higher dimension to find hyperplane for classification
Eigenfaces for Face Detection
study eigenfaces
TensorFlow Linear Classifier on MNIST dataset
Using TensorFlow Estimator to train linear classifier on MNIST dataset
Load the MNIST Dataset
Load and display sample from MNIST dataset
Simple Linear Regression in TensorFlow
Linear regression of faithful data by TensorFlow
Sentiment analysis by Word2vec
Simple Python Plot
Iris Data from UCI
Pari Trading Example
VIX and S&P 500
Simple LiDAR Data
Basic Cryptography
Network Visualization Basics
RSA Example
Colors and Fonts
Golay Code Example
Hamming(7,4) Code Example
Fitting The Arrhenius Model
The Yield Curve
Brownian Motion Example
Monte Carlo Integration
Weibull Distribution Basics
Survival Curve Basic
Business Process Map
Inspection of Wafers
Simple ggplot2 Examples
Simple Plot Function
Markov Chain Package
R package MCMC
Quality Control Charts Part 2
Quality Control Charts Part 1
Read MNIST Data
Neural Networks Exercises
Neural networks Exercises
Association Test for Nominal Data
Test the independence of variables
Test The Multinomial Distribution
p-test of Multinomial Distribution
NMF(Non-negative matrix factorization) for topic modeling
Test NMF on webpages example
Analyze text content of multiple websites
collection of multiple webpages into corpus for analysis
Analyze State of the Union corpus
using frequent words to identify topics in corpus which has 236 text files
Expectation Maximization of Multinomial Distribution Estimation
Maximum Likelihood from Incomplete Data via the EM Algorithm A. P. Dempster; N. M. Laird; D. B. Rubin
Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Parameter
Simple example of MLE for theta of multinomial distribution
Multinomial Distribution
Topic Modeling Basics
Dirichlet Distribution Example
Binomial Distribution Example
Beta Distribution Example
Text Analysis Topic Modeling of unknown Topics Document
LDA on document with unknown topics
Text Analysis Topic Modeling of Known Documents
LDA example on known documents
Simple Graphical Model
mgm package
Topic Modeling Example
Text from Twitter by LDA
Simple Score Example
Sentiment Analysis on 2017 NBA Champs (after Warriors win)
This is done after game 5
Social Network Data Mining: Facebook
Extracting information and data from Facebook
Simple Social Network Analysis: Retweet Network
Basic Visualization of social network
Social Media Data Mining - WSJ News
Basic Data Mining Exercise on WJS Twitter
Sentiment Analysis on 2017 NBA Champs (after game 4)
Warriors lost the NBA Finals, Game 4 - Warriors still lead series 3-1, I did this the day after the decision game
Social Media Data Mining - Trump vs CNN
Drew Conway's Comparative Cloud
Sentiment Analysis on 2017 NBA Champs
The NBA Finals, Game 4 - Warriors lead series 3-0, I did this for fun just before the decision game 4 Today, 6:00 PM on ABC at Quicken Loans Arena
Association Rules on Arthritis Dataset
Looking for association of sex and age on drug effect
Association Rules on Titanic Survior
Who survive on Titanic
Association Rules Learning for Data Mining
Example of using Apriori to find rules in data
A/B Testing Example
To computer the significance and the sample size required for A/B Testing
Clustering Example: K-Means
simple crime data analysis by K-Means
SVM examples
Simple TDA Example
Using Topological Data Analysis package in R
Basic Stock Portfolio Modeling
Capital Asset Pricing Model
Portfolio Risk and Return
Efficient Frontier Plot
Basic Stock Analysis
Rbicoin Example
Three simple access to bitcoin network by R
Basic Technical Visulization
Random Forest
Prediction Tree
Regression Tree
SVM on Iris data
Two level SVM simple example
IRIS data
Visualization of SF crime data
simple Visualization of SF crime data
simple visualization of seattle crime data
simple ggmap application
Simple Regression Comparison
Numeric vs Categorical variables
Course Write-up for Practical Machine Learning
Course write-up required for Practical Machine Learning
Developing Data Products Course Project
Presentation for Course Project
Statistical Simulation for Course Project
Simple simulation for Statistical Inference Course Project
Tooth Growth from Orange Juice or Vitamin C
portion 2 of Statistical Inference Course Project
NOAA Storm Data Analysis
Reproducible Research: Week 3 Peer Assessment 2