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tmap Europe dataset
GESIS Mannheim
Variables Gesis Panel (PUF)
Overview of variables in the Public Use File of the Gesis Panel (
Mein erstes Dashboard
Eine Karte des Weltkulturerbes erstellt mit leaflet
WHC site - date of inscription
WHC site - date of inscription
Dataset on the world heritage sites
Präsentation mit Rpubs
Eine erste Präsentation mit Rpubs erstellt.
Openstreetmap Informations on Postal Code Areas in Berlin
Information downloaded via Overpass:
Charging Stations in Berlin
Download from, Data Access with Overpass API Visualisation with R-package ggmap
Different map types with R-package ggmap
Presentation on how to create different types of maps with the R-package ggmap.
OpenStreetMap Info in City Center Trier
The R-package osmar was used to download information from
Categories World Heritage Sites
Data from
World Heritage Sites
Map on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Data from
Map with US states
Easy example for interactive map
A map of Mannheim, data from OpenStreetMap
Traffic on German Wikipedia Page (islamic state)
Data from R-package wikipediatrend used.
Refugee Map
First try rpubs
CampSites with hyperlinks
Data was downloaded from using the Overpass API (
Campsites in Germany
Campsites in Germany (Map Source: