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Exif Exploration
I pointed the exifr tool at my Apple Photos library
LaCroixColoR demo
Edinburgh Weather
Filtering by Significance Mis-estimates Small Effect Sizes
This is a demonstration of what has been pointed out by [Gelman and colleagues]( that when dealing with truly small effects, screening results by statistical significance will leade to large Type-M (magnitude) and Type-S (sign) errors.
aw tracks
Modelling of /aw/ F1
Plotting Trajectories
Sampling Subgroups from Data
This is a brief tutorial on how to subsample groups from a data frame using dplyr.
Calculating Cohen's d
A look at 538's accuracy.
Analysis of a Philadelphia Weather Station Data during Hurricane Sandy
Basic meteorological stats for South Philly during Hurricane Sandy.
Testing whether this will render html5 slides correctly.