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Spatial Analysis of the Population Density in Shelby County using Linear and Geographic Weighted Regression Models
Population density is the most frequently used demographic parameter for any initial statistical analysis. There are numerous known factors such as the topography of the area, proximity to the river or water, availability of resources, which affects the population density in an area. There are very few works demonstrating effects unconventional variables on the distribution of population density. Shelby County is the second-largest county in terms of population density, with a population of 936,365 (United States Census Bureau, 2018). The total area of the county is 785 square miles, with a population density of 1,192.8 per square mile. This study investigated some unconventional socio-economic variables to explore and explain the spatial relationship of population density in census tracts of Shelby County.
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We used 'ggplot' along with 'plot' to visualize restaurants density data
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Creating choropleth map with different class interval styles.
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This assignment includes loading own data for basic exploratory data analysis.
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