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Customer Segmentation
Height overview
The countries with the shortest people in the world. Reference:
Profit Optimization for Banking using Machine Learning approach
ML approach using Monte-Carlo method, K - fold cross-validation based on both Accuracy and Profit simulation. (Thanks Mr.Dzung for his references.)
Running multiple models in parallel within the same GPU
One of the important ML tasks is the selection of the best model from among a list of models, and tuning the model for optimal performance. In this post, I will present the way of training all 182 Machine Learning Models for Classification. It would be better for data scientists to pick up one model with the best performance out of all possible models objectively, rather than subjectively choose the one that is frequently referred.
MLCL Presentation about Visualisation
This is the second part of my presentation
MLCL Presentation about Data Manipulation
This is the first part of my presentation at MLCL.
What's behind a name?
Profit Optimization in Banking - Data Showdown competition
Global Refinement of Random Forest by changing parameters of the models. This article is inspired by Mr.Dzung.
K-means clustering with iris data
K-means clustering with iris data
Machine Learning Phase 1
Will be continued...
Bootstrap method
Time series 1
Analysis of All Ordinaries Price Index between January 2003 and May 2017 in Australia Share Market
This is one of my task when doing Forecasting course at RMIT
Information Based Learning
How I created, trained, tested and fitted model by using Sampling Methods.
How can a woman live longer?
This assignment was judged by my teacher James Baglin, a professor in Statistics at RMIT. I got 8 out of 10 in this assignment.
Victorian LGA Pertussis Cases - 2011