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Rgee example
Gone but not forgotten
In answer to the question: "What was a business in Edinburgh that no longer exists that you miss?", redditors compiled a list: This is the map of the results. Long live Mr Boni's!
CitiDair Report
Using test data
Change in rank of Proportional Mortality Ratio
Grouped by risk of covid-19 (based on proximity to others and exposure to disease)
Which occupations are susceptible to COVID-19 using ONS data?
Publically available data used in this data visualisation from the ONS:
Which individual occupations are susceptible to COVID-19? Part 1
Created using publically available ONS data:
Micropem comparison
Male deaths from suicide
Age-sex standardised rate per 100,000 frpm ScotPHO profiles
Retailer-Focused Health Tax
6 months of Activity space
I used Arc Activity and location to record my movement. I used the minimal convex polygon to define my activity space. I compared these to a 500m buffer around my home and work.
Arc App location and Activity
Proof of concept of location extraction R script, which takes the exported JSON file from the Arc App for iphone, and outputs the latitude and longitude of activity throughout the day. The markers are coloured by time of day.
SF - m3
SF - m2
SF - m1
DDI Teaching Presentation
Pathogen seasonality
Heatmap of Z-score for monthly count of pathogen
Devolved Legislation
Data, data, big not small, how can R increase efficiency for all?
While data has grown in volume, velocity and variety, so too has the need to document the steps taken in the collection and subsequent analysis. By working through a batch processing example in R, this talk aims to expose the audience to the setup, execution and enhancement of an automated workflow, with the hope that it will stimulate discussion on other potential applications.
Seven Hills Edinburgh
Making our way around Edinburgh's Seven hills