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COntrols in DID
Bob Ross Style
Style along at home
Data Wrangling in Python with Pandas
These are the slides for the February 19, 2021 Seattle University workshop on data wrangling.
Data Wrangling in R with data.table
These are the slides for the Seattle University Data Wrangling Workshop from Feb. 5, 2021
Data Wrangling in the Tidyverse
A set of workshop slides about data wrangling in the tidyverse
The Data Visualization Checklist
Follow this checklist before finalizing your data visualization. It may help you find some common issues!
ECON 305 Teaching Workshop 2020
Workshop on how to teach the new econometrics class ECON 305 at CSU Fullerton
Teaching with Causal Diagrams Workshop
Slides from upcoming CSU Fullerton Economics Workshop on teaching with causal diagrams
Teaching Econometrics with R
Workshop slides for upcoming CSUF econ dept "Teaching Econometrics with R" class
First Stage Instrument Heterogeneity
Brownbag slides for 10/9 CSUF presentation