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What's Next (Text Prediction Application)
What's Next is a Shiny application that uses NLP models for text prediction. It provides two options as shown in the screenshots; Next Word Prediction and Trigram Model Probability.
Swiftkey Dataset Exploration-Milestone Report
This report explores [Swiftkey dataset] provided to use for a predictive model for text. The main objective is to understand the distribution of words and relationships in the corpora as a first step towards building the predictive model.
Influence Analysis Demonstration-Shiny App
A simple interactive Shiny App is presented here to clarify the intuition behind leverage and influence.
Influence Analysis Demonstration-Shiny App
A simple interactive Shiny App is presented here to clarify the intuition behind leverage and influence.
Influence Analysis Demonstration
Overview about Shiny App for demonstrating Influence Analysis concepts.
US Mortality Data 2014: Investigating Suicide Cases
This script explores the mortality data in the United States (for the year 2014) based on the data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It focuses on the suicide cases, trying to find correlations or clear patterns to pay attention for. For examples it looks into the frequency of suicide cases for the different age ranges, for both males and females. In addition it raises question such as: Is there a correlation between education level and committing suicide? Is there a clear patterns related to age, sex or educational background?
Logistic Regression Coefficients Interpretation
Examples to explain the concept of odds, odds ratios and to get more familiar with the meaning of the logistic regression coefficients.
Tooth Growth Analysis and Investigation of Supplement’s Effect
This project explores the ToothGrowth data set in R and investigates the effect of two types of supplements, with different doses, on the teeth length. According to the description if the data set, “For 60 guinea pigs, Each animal received one of three dose levels of vitamin C (0.5, 1, and 2 mg/day) by one of two delivery methods, (orange juice or ascorbic acid (a form of vitamin C and coded as VC)”. The document provide a summary of the data set and a boxplot that gives more insights into the data. In addition, two hypotheses are tested, the first hypothesis is about the effect of the different doses on the teeth length and the second hypothesis is about the effect of the type of supplement on the teeth length.
Simulating The Exponential Distribution with R and Comparing Its Properties to The Central Limit Theorem
This project investigates the exponential distribution and its properties in R, comparing it to the Central Limit Theorem.
US Weather Analysis Report
This project involves exploring the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) storm database. It mainly looks into the types of events that are most harmful with respect to population health. In addition, it highlights the events affecting properties and crops resulting in severe economic consequences. The reported results indicate the top-ten events with negative consequences in each case. The most harmful events are also listed separately and cumulatively whether in the case of health or economic consequences.