Jason T Shaw

Recently Published

Desert Escape - Riddle 328
This attempts to solve The Riddler published on 6/3/2022 and provides a general R function for the solution.
Wordle is the Riddle
Using the list of allowable guess words and the list of Mystery words used in Wordle, a strategy is proposed in trying to get the wordle in 3.
Marble Counting & Riddler Solitaire
An attempt at a solution to Riddle 277 on FiveThirtyEight's Riddler column.
Eating Cake in 4th Grade
An attempt at a solution to the 271st Riddle published on May 14, 2021:
Enigmerica Election
An attempt at a solution for the 268th Riddler Classic.
One Way Streets - Riddle 266
An attempted solution for Riddler Classic posted 04/09/2021:
Deep Space and Hampster Corrals
Riddle 236 on the Riddler.
Summing Nematodes
This is my solution to Riddle 234 published on 08/07/2020 on FiveThirtyEight. I use a nice recursive function to verify some smaller calculations as well as help establish a pattern for the larger more tedious calculations.
The Tortoise and the Hare
This is the problem that I proposed to the Riddler that was published on 07/17/2020 as the 231st riddle.
Ring Stacks for Riddle 230
A solution for riddle 230 on FiveThirtyEight's column, The Riddler. Published 07/10/2020
Golden Spheres
This paper attempts to solve Riddle 227 posted on FiveThirtyEight on 06/19/2020. It provides methods and code to find a solution, but perhaps not the minimum.
A Very Large Zoom Room
This provides a solution to Riddle 224 on the Riddler as well as code to create permutations into pairs.
A Toddler Eats an Apple
Putting together results from the paper "Random Circles on a Sphere", I attempt a solution at Riddler number 221.
GOAT Monty Hall
A simulation of the problem posed on Riddle 219 on 04/24/2020 along with a proposed solution.
Catching T-Shirts
This document attempts a solution for the Riddler Express and Classic #217, posted on April 10, 2020. The answer to the express is found through simulation, with an exact probability calculated. The classic involves a nice, succinct simulation along with an exact solution inspired by Josh Silverman (@_joshsilverman on Twitter).
Tiffany's Barbershop Part 2
An attempt at a solution to the Riddler Express and Riddler Classic of riddle 213.
Palindromes and Ambiguous Absolutes
An attempt at answering Riddle 208 from FiveThirtyEight's The Riddler posted on 2019-02-08.
Extra Points and Delirious Ducks
An attempt at a solution to Riddler 205.
Riddler Spelling Bee
An attempt at the solution to Riddler Classic number 203 published on 01/03/2020.
Matching Pair of Socks
A solution to riddle 202 at
Chess Match & Prismatic Problem
Solutions to Riddle 201 posed by FiveThirtyEight's The Riddler.
Hospital Readmission Solution
PA Exam example solution.
Riddle 199 Lottery
Code for the calculation of consecutive loss streaks in the World Series, along with the code used to work through the logic and number theory of the Lottery question of Riddle 199 on FiveThirtyEight's The Riddler.
At Least Three Birthdays
Simulating selecting people until there are at least three people that have the same birthday, and then testing the selection of the medians of those results to see which number of people gives better than a 50/50 chance.
Riddler Baseball Leaue
An attempt at a solution for Riddle 191 on FiveThirtyEight
Tour de FiveThirtyEight Solutions 20190920
Attempted solutions with graphs and calculations to the Riddler Express and Riddler Classic on 09/20/2019
Long State & Possessions Strings: Riddle 189
Looking at abbreviations of U.S. states and possessions, and building strings by connecting two that have similar last and first letters, what are the longest strings we can create?
U.S. Open Chances
This is a proposed solution to Riddle 188 given on FiveThirtyEight's "The Riddler"