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Votes for Speaker of the House for 118th Congress
It took 15 rounds of voting.
Republicans, Abortion and Trump
How do abortion attitudes relate to Trump support among Republicans?
Religion and attendance in Wisconsin
Trends in religious affiliation and frequency of attendance among Wisconsin registered voters, 2012-2022 based on @MULawPoll
Abortion and motivation to vote
A week before the Supreme Court struck down *Roe v Wade*, Wisconsin Republicans were more motivated to vote than Democrats, and pro-abortion policy preference was not associated with greater enthusiasm to vote. Enthusiasm was higher among those saying abortion should be illegal in most cases while quite similar among those saying abortion should be legal in all or most cases, and for those saying it should be illegal in all cases.
State Gun Laws and Public Opinion
Substantial majorities of adults nationwide favor concealed carry laws that require a license, but some 80% oppose laws that allow concealed carry without a licensing requirement. Majorities oppose such laws in the 25 states that have passed "permitless" concealed carry, with stronger opposition in states with more restrictive laws. Data from May 2022 Marquette Law School National Survey and from state polls in Wisconsin, Tennessee and Texas.
Marijuana legalization opinion in Wisconsin
Support for legalization was evenly divided in 2013-14 but rose to about 60% in 2016-2022. I review the trends and the shifts by political and demographic groups. All data from @MULawPoll. Analysis by @PollsAndVotes
Trump approval overall, economy, coronavirus and protests
Wisconsin opinion from Marquette Law School Poll, @MULawPoll. Trump job approval over full term, economic approval since Aug. 2019, others as they became issues.
Vote by Group by Sex in Wisconsin, Aug 2019-Sept. 2020
Comparison of Biden or Trump vote by groups by sex. Women vary hugely across groups, but women are more pro-Biden than men in virtually every group.
Enthusiasm in Wisconsin 2020
A review of MULawPoll surveys in 2020 find no consistent partisan advantage in enthusiasm to vote in November. There are no differences in enthusiasm by vote choice. Those who strongly approve of the job Trump has done are a little more enthusiastic, while Democrats are a little more enthusiastic than Republicans. I see no consistent advantage for either side as of early August polling.
Public Opinion and Black Lives Matter Protests in Wisconsin
This report details public opinion following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Using Marquette Law School Poll data from June and August I examine opinion of protests, the Black Lives Matter movement, the police and police conduct. The August poll was conducted before the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha Wi. The data will be updated after Labor Day.
Biden Republicans and Trump Democrats in Wisconsin
The amount of cross over voting is small, but the differences in those who are defecting from party and party loyalists is interesting.
Wisconsin MULawPoll review, as of June 2020
This is a review of a variety of polling results from the Marquette Law School poll of Wisconsin registered voters from August 2019-June 2020.
When the epidemic will be under control
Beliefs about when the coronavirus epidemic will be under control and things can return to normal have changed dramatically from March to June, with a far longer campaign against the virus now expected by most. There are sharp partisan differences, and differences by approval of Donald Trump's handling of his job as presidency. But all groups, different as they may be, have shifted in the direction of seeing a long struggle to return to normal.
This 'n That in Wisconsin Politics
Recent trends in Wisconsin