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American political parties performances
Number of bills passed by democrats and republicans since 1980s.
flexdashboard basic pages
Normal pages creation - for learning basics
Logistic Predictive Model Of Stock Market
Building a logistic model to predict if the market will go up and down today based on return values of previous days and volume of shares traded.
Trees - Predictive Modelling of Volume of Cherry Trees
Predictive Modelling of Volume of cherry trees using multilinear regression transformation of predictors.
Data Preparation and Profit Analysis of Future 500 companies
Future 500 company dataset contains 500 financial records of employees belonging to six different classes of industries' companies. This dataset has several discrepancies, outliers and missing data which needs to be rectified to get a prepared data on which robust analysis can be done.Our aim is to analyse the profit and growth in various industries. Relation and comparison amongst them ? Which industry is likely to fall down and which holds the brightest future ? Which industry generates most revenue but makes less profit and several other business insights which will add business value ?
MBA Starting Salary Analysis
This is a certified case study from Harvard Business Review. In this research paper, we have analysed influence of various metrics like gender, gmat score, language, skills, Age made any impact on the starting salaries of MBA graduates.
Exploratory Factor Analysis
The Dean's Dilemma Case Study - 1
This is the RMD File covering basic facts about the The Dean's Dilemma Case Study
Titanic Review Case - 1
This contains the basic stats of the Titanic Tragedy happened way back
This is my first RMD generated output file.