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US High School Graduation Rates, using googleVis
A report from the US Deparment of Education on increasing high school graduation rates was published earlier this year (Jan 2013) and some summary graphics were shown on the [Department's blog]( However, the above blog only shows one static map. Here is my attempt to do it better using R and googleVis.
California High School Graduation Rates, 2012 (yes, last year)
The California Deparment of Education had a news release in June 2012 on the increase in high school (grades 9-12) graduation rates and decrease in dropout rates. The data used by the Department was from two cohorts (4-year periods) on a statewide basis. While the statewide numbers show an increase (decrease) in graduation (dropout) rates, a particular school district's numbers do not necessarily follow the statewide trend. Moreover, the longer-term data (about 20 years) on graduation and dropout rates has been ignored by the Department in their analyses. Following is my attempt to dig deeper into the data.
R code to obtain and plot rainfall data for the whole world
Hydrological and climatological studies sometimes require rainfall data over the entire world for long periods of time. The Climate Prediction Center's (CPC) daily data, from 1979 to present, at a spatial resolution of 0.5 degrees lat-lon (~ 50 km at the equator) is a good resource. The following R code makes the task of downloading the above data and subsequent processing and plotting very easy.